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ASA Recommends Steve Edwards

Child Custody


Stephen Edwards is a genuinely good person and a great attorney. He actually cares about the children involved in his cases. From the day I met Steve he has done an excellent job on my case. I would like to add my child custody case is very complex & extremely frustrating. Steve's cool temperament and fact based approach to family law really helps when you feel like your world has been turned upside down and your worried sick about your child. When it comes to the question of would I recommend this lawyer? I have recommended Steve to a friend of mine dealing with a very scary situation concerning his children moving away to a very unfit environment. Steve took care of this case so fast and my friends children are safe and with him full time as I write this. If you're looking for an honest family lawyer that actually cares about people then you should call Steve. If you're looking to continue in a high conflict relationship with your children's mother or father Steve is not the lawyer for you. Steve doesn't play games or deal with non since. He argues the facts and sticks to the issues of whats best for the children. Thanks for everything Steve!