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About Me

I am a Saddlebrooke resident with law offices in Oro Valley and Tucson.  My focus after 4 decades as an Arizona and California attorney is helping seniors and their families by providing comprehensive estate planning, graceful aging choices and asset protection.  Seeking Solutions For Seniors.

My early years were spent in Los Angeles.  I can't think of a time since grade school that I haven't worked—cutting grass and washing cars on the weekends, a short-order cook, a banquet chef, and as a shoe salesman to get through college while living at home.  Some would say I had a modest upbringing, but I say it was “rich,” providing me a great work ethic and sense of self-reliance.

My first night in Tucson, the day before law school, was spent sleeping on the grass under a tree on the U of A campus (you could do things like that back then and not get in trouble).  I was determined to “make it—whatever it takes.”  That attitude has solidified and served me and my clients well over the years since.

As an attorney, I became an expert in utility finance working for Tucson Gas & Electric (TEP now) in the 1970's and I was then recruited by San Diego Gas & Electric to head their extensive regulatory efforts.  Successive positions in finance and senior management led eventually to becoming Assistant General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company in my 30's.  

Well, I was not yet ready to "retire," so I set out on my own in the 1980's and never looked back.  Many years were spent as a tech entrepreneur with my businesses operating in the US and in over 30 countries.  My last 10 years in California were spent as a litigator, business advisor, comprehensive estate planner and (should I admit it) a divorce lawyer!  In fact, I still practice family law in California which requires significant financial skills and compassion for the client.  In the past decade, I have also spent time as a licensed agent with Transamerica advising clients about their retirement options, IRA's, annuities and insurance.  

I have shared this journey with my wife of 48 years, 2 married daughters, 3 incredible granddaughters, and 3 dogs raised from pups along the way.  My wife and I are both very active volunteering at our church.

Since returning to Tucson, I have dedicated myself to serving seniors through comprehensive life care planning based on my wide-ranging skill set and strong faith background.  My work doesn't just consist of a creating a trust or a will (you can do that yourself on LegalZoom). Much more discussion and planning is necessary to create a life plan that will allow you to gracefully age and transition into the later stages of life without fear and uncertainty.  This includes discussion of your overall estate holdings, your family goals, reducing risk, planning for nursing home care if it becomes necessary and asset protection so you can leave something to your kids or a favorite charity.

Maybe you are experiencing a major life change such as the death of a spouse, considering re-marriage, just living together with someone you have found, or the most difficult choice in life--divorce after many decades of marriage.

I would be honored to help you plan for and manage the challenges life presents—without fear.  Call me for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit and can work together to achieve your goals and chart your future.